Hi, I'm Jenny Magic 

I'm a strategist, author, coach, mentor, and speaker. I've spent the last 20 years helping hundreds of companies successfully implement their marketing & growth strategies. A key predictor of success is not just having a great plan, but planning for change. The Build Better Change team has tons of experience helping organizations of all sizes find a better way to work.

More support for change initiatives with less resistance
Reduced change fatigue, burnout and exhaustion
Increased team performance and psychological safety
More collaboration between teams across information siloes

How we can help

Business has evolved in the last decade, relying more than ever on cross-functional teams with expertise in a variety of technical and creative skills. 

Build Better Change can help with:

  • Change Management & Facilitation
  • Internal Communications & Employee Engagement
  • Digital & Communication Strategy
  • Audience Research, Personas & Journey Maps
  • Team Performance Benchmarking
  • Transformation Readiness Assessment


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  • Strategic Advising

CHANGE FATIGUE: Flip Teams From Burnout to Buy-In addresses the foundational psychological safety domains that drive willingness to change, alongside practical change facilitation techniques you can use today, regardless of where your team is starting from.

 This book covers essential concepts including: 

  • Five ways leaders sabotage change
  • What successful change leaders do differently
  • Benchmarking your team’s Psychological Safety
  • Research-based methods for disarming resistance and power struggles
  • And so much more!
Change fatigue is a significant barrier to innovation, digital transformation, and technology adoption. By actively addressing it, leaders and teams remove the real barriers to change and move to the next level.

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