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Change fatigue is killing our ability to innovate. Build Better Change gets low-adoption or semi-failed technology or process improvements back on track. If you’re ping-ponging between fast mistakes and collective inertia, we have a specific, simple, proven approach to move towards active alignment and willing participation.

We drop in to lead or support cross-functional teams tasked with managing change. Recent successes include:

  • Architecting an employee intranet 
  • Merging departments into a single web presence 
  • Updating an unloved project management tool
  • Customizing technology for updated process workflows
  • Launching a new knowledge management system
  • Developing AI policies, and more. 

We also advise leaders who are facing layoffs or internal reorganizations, dealing with return to office resistance, or working to improve DEI and employee engagement. 

Jenny Magic has spent the past two decades in strategy roles; she led the marketing teams at a successful startup and an 80-year-old brand before starting the consulting firm that would evolve into Build Better Change. She has served a wide range of clients, from global media firms, to membership organizations, healthcare to higher-ed, finance, technology, and more.

On top of her strategy background, Jenny is a certified professional coach and trained to benchmark psychological safety in teams. People hire (and rehire) Jenny because of her *magical* ability to defuse tension and get people back to work and enjoying their jobs.

Change. Without the mess & stress.

Better change is possible.


(Free!) Feedback Session

Book an hour with Jenny to get feedback about your specific project and get her recommendations on how to apply the Change Roadmap most effectively. No selling here, these sessions are truly just free consulting and a chance to get to know one another.

Topics might include: 

  • Change Management & Facilitation
  • Internal Communications & Employee Engagement
  • Digital & Communication Strategy
  • Team Performance Benchmarking
  • Transformation Readiness Assessment
Confidential Interview Acceleration
& Team Trainings

Jenny's method of Confidential Inquiry Interviews can get almost any project unstuck in record time. Jenny also trains teams on the full Change Roadmap so they can excel at change without ongoing support help. Customized offerings start around $2,000. 

Low-Risk Retainers

Ready to dive into a change project? Jenny will drop in to lead or support cross-functional teams tasked with managing change. Build Better Change clients are senior leaders who have a sense of urgency but a lack of clarity around gaps in employee engagement and adoption of tech initiatives.

Recent projects include architecting an employee intranet; integrating merging departments into a single web presence; updating an unloved project management tool; customizing technology for updated process workflows; launching a new knowledge management system; developing AI policies, and more.

Most clients begin with approximately 15-20 hours a month for $5,000. Hours auto-renew monthly with no ongoing commitment and a money-back guarantee (that we've never had to honor in 15 years advising clients).

Group Coaching

We are preparing for the next cohort of Build Better Change group coaching. The coaching has an online community and periodic Q&A calls with training and support. 

Online Course

The BUILD BETTER BUY‑IN course is a self-paced course designed to help anyone collaborating on a project that requires change create better buy‑in and collaboration using our change roadmap process.

Our story

Jenny started Better Way to Say It in late 2008 after moving to California from her home state of Texas and realizing she wanted more free time to enjoy the San Diego sunshine. She had spent the previous six years in marketing director roles but was sensing a seismic shift in marketing that she wanted to be part of. Barely two months later, Jenny met "the Godfather of Content Marketing," Joe Pulizzi, and "the Godmother of Content Strategy," Kristina Halvorson as they delivered a session at the 2009 Online Marketing Summit. Also on stage that day was Jay Baer of Convince & Convert, an agency Jenny would join almost a decade later. The concepts of content marketing and content strategy were not yet universal and social media was still in its infancy outside college campuses. Jenny branded her tiny agency "Better Way to Say It" and offered web design firms content support for their clients who couldn't seem to put words to the page. 

Jenny continued to serve clients even after she and her husband moved back to Austin, Texas in 2011. She joined the board of the Women Communicators of Austin and spoke at Content Marketing World 2012, where she reconnected with Joe and Jay and many more expert strategists who would shape her career. In 2013 she joined forces with a well-regarded Austin digital agency to expand her service offerings and build a team; in 2015 she decided to apply her communication skills to the world of public policy, joining a think tank and lobbying organization dedicated to supporting equitable public schools in Texas. In 2018 she moved back into marketing strategy, joining the strategy team at Convince & Convert. All this time she continued to offer strategic advising services as Better Way to Say It. Across this wide variety of experiences, Jenny saw patterns emerge that both troubled her and sparked her curiosity. Teams were doing all the right things when it came to planning innovation and transformation, but these efforts repeatedly stumbled in the implementation phase. It became clear that knowing what to do was only half the battle - motivating the who to do it was proving a challenge. 

Starting in 2020, she embarked on a career shift that included Certified Professional Coach training, Gamestorming facilitation training, and certification as a Fearless Organization External Practitioner for benchmarking psychological safety in teams. In 2023, she co-authored CHANGE FATIGUE: Flip Teams From Burnout to Buy-in. Jenny and her co-author, Melissa Breker, met at Content Marketing World 2013 and the two shared the stage at CMW 2014, becoming lifelong friends and collaborators. Melissa's deep working knowledge of structures and research in the field of Change Management was a perfect complement to Jenny's experience developing engagement personas and journey maps to motivate people to change. 

In the fall of 2023 Jenny & Melissa launched the Build Better Buy-In course and the Change Leadership Style Assessment to broaden the accessibility of their work. Independently they continue to serve clients using the Better Change Roadmap and other lessons from the book and course.